The Power Cheer! Staff is a family of coaches that dedicate themselves to the improvement and success of your child.  We believe that by coaching with respect and a positive attitude that we can achieve anything!

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Penny Howell


Meet Coach Penny!!

Penny is the Owner/Director and Founder of Power Cheer!  she is also the current Head coach for  Senior Level 5 "Sabres" Penny started off her career as a Competitive Gymnast for 15 years (including one year at the collegiate level) one some of her accomplishments include Oklahoma All-State Gymnastics Team/ Oklahoma State Beam Champion, Former head instructor for NCA and CTC, NCA Collegiate All-American, Cheerleader at the University of Kansas  she has also claimed many personal National Championships titles including partner stunt champion/all girl stunt champion/dance ensemble champion/open cheerleading champion. Coach Penny was the head Coach of the Power Cheer! "Sabres"  World's teams in 2008 and 2009 as well as the head coach for the 2 Summit Bid winning teams in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022. Penny is a USASF level 5 Certified Coach and a AAU and Pop Warner Certified Coach, she is also a Competition Judge for Spirit Cheer, American Championships, JamFest, FCDA, Conquer Championships and Diamond Cheer and Dance and a Former Regional Tournament Director for American Championships. Back in 2011 and 2012 Coach Penny was an AAU National Cheerleading Championship Competition Director. She was also accepted into Who's Who Among American Business Professionals, and in 2011 - 2013 she was an AUU Cheerleading National Director - created the first set of National Rules and Regulations for AAU Cheer!!! She also was a Port Orange POYFA Cheer Coordinator 2015 to 2017, and is currently a member of the USASF Advisory Board. Coach Penny has traveled as a choreographer around the country (as far as Alaska) for the past 13 years helping teams reach their potential, and that is what she never fails to do at Power Cheer! helping athletes and teams make it  far in there careers!



Coach Rachel


Meet Coach Rachel!!

Growing up, Rachel cheered on a allstar team in NJ for 9 years, as well as competitive high school team. She attended the University of Central Florida where she earned a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education in 2011. While at UCF, she cheered for Orlando All Stars on the Open Coed Level 6 team. After college, she began coaching at an all star gym in Tennessee where her husband was stationed in the Army. For the past 6 years, she has coached levels 1-4 at an allstar gym in Cape Cod, Massachusetts as well as a varsity high school team. Rachel also works for Rebel Athletic as an Account Manager!!!

Coach Jessa


Meet  coach Jessa!!

Coach Jessa has cheered at Power Cheer! for 12 seasons - since she was 3!  She is currently a main tumbler and flyer on Sabres (Senior 5), Coach Jessa won dozens of state and national Championships, and was on the first team on our gym to place second at Cheersport Nationals, as well as our first team to place 2nd at The D2 Summit!! She has also attened Summit 6 times! Coach Jessa started her career with Power Cheer! on Kittens, moving up through Lions, Thundercats, and Senior Savag3, and onto Sabres, witch is where she is now. Jessa coaches our flyer stretch class, tumbling clinics, and privet lessons as well as Lions. She also works on our social media sites as well as making our annual slide show for our PCA banquet!

Coach Erica


Meet Coach Erica!!

Erica is a lifelong lover of the sport of cheer and gymnastics. Erica was a competitive gymnast until 8th grade and made her transition to the competitive cheer world!! She competed with Florida Elite Allstars in Jacksonville, FL and as a guest athlete for Cheerforce Allstars of Simi Vally, CA. Erica was the 2003 and 2004 State and National individual cheer champion. After high school, she continued her love for cheer by cheering at The University of Florida. Erica is also the proud owner and head instructor of "Pride Cheer Camps" for the past 18 years. She travels the country instructing technique camps and completing choreography with College, Middle and Highschool, All Star and Pop Warner teams. Erica is also a RN and has spent 10 years of her career working with mom s and babies in labor and delivery. 

Coach Taylor


Meet Coach Taylor!!

Taylor her career with gymnastics for 3 years before she started cheering for Power Cheer! where she cheered for 7 years. Taylor started cheering in 2006 on Tigers and finished on our Senior level 4 team "Panthers" in 2013. Coach Taylor grew up in Port Orange and graduated from Spruce Creek High School. Afterwards she received her Associate of Science in Radiologic Science as well. Taylor is currently working as a radiologic technologist at Halifax Hospital and Advent Hospital. she is an active volunteer for both state and national societies. Aside from coaching our Tigers rec program, and both Kittens and Lions teams!!! 

Coach Kaylee


Meet Coach Kaylee!!

Coach Kaylee has cheered for 7 years with the beginning of her career starting at Power Cheer! starting on Tigers and progressing her way up to Jags, Senior Savag3, and Sabres which she is currently on, Kaylee had been on our first team to place 2nd at Cheersport Nationals along with multiple State and National titles and has been to Summit 3 times! Coach Kaylee Tigers Rec and levels 1 and 2 tumbling classes as well as private lessons. Kaylee is a senior at Atlantic High School and plans to open her own gym one day.

Coach Danielle


Meet Coach Danielle!!

Coach Danielle (aka Dan Dan!!)  coaches Kittens (Novice Team) and Lions (Mini level 1) Danielle started cheer at the young age of 3, and began cheering in 9th grade at Power Cheer! She began as a coach at 16 helping with several teams as well as out special needs team at the time. Dan Dan took a break from our gym to start her family, once her twins were born (Known around the gym as "the squirrels"), and they were old enough to start cheer she brought them over to the gym, and came right back to coaching! Coach Danielle has coached pop warner and helped with skills camps and choreography over many years!! she has won many state and championships, on teams with PCA when she aged out of cheer she continued to our Open team and All girl stunt divisions - earning even more titles!

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