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Angela, Ava’s mom 05/15/2018 @ 8:08 PM

Port orange

Excited about wildcat team!


We are too!!!  

Nicole-Northstar Alum 01/13/2018 @ 9:08 PM

Dallas, Tx

Living in Texas now, MANY years after being apart of PCA. I met cheerleaders from Cheer Athletics and mentioned I used to cheer for y’all. You guys, the Power Cheer reputation reaches Dallas, Texas!!! Y”all are on their radar and they highly respect you! You are leaving a legacy that everyone admires! I am proud to be a Power Cheer alum and so proud to see how great the gym is doing!!!

Aww thank you Nicole!! So glad you have awesome memories of Power Cheer! Hope you are doing well too!

Cheerleader 06/28/2017 @ 8:08 PM

Palm Beach Gardens

Where is your gym located? (I'm moving near the area)

We are located in Port Orange off of Spruce Creek and Dunlawton, hope to see you soon!

Cheer Dad 06/22/2017 @ 1:08 AM

Port Orange

We can't wait for camp this weekend with Thundercats, thank you for these opportunities for our girls.

You are welcome! We are excited too, it is going to be fun!

Tumbler 06/08/2017 @ 11:08 AM

Port orange

What should I wear to tumbling classes.

tshirt, shorts and tennis shoes is fine!

Leniya 06/07/2017 @ 8:08 AM


Do You Guys Have Any Tumbling

Yes! If you are looking for classes or private lessons, please email our Director at PCAcoachPen@aol.com

Cheerleader 06/01/2017 @ 8:08 PM

Port orange

I missed tryouts do you have any other days to come in

Absolutely! We still have spaces on some of our teams, send us an email with your information and we will be happy to set up a time to have you come in. PCAcoachPen@aol.com

PCA fan club 05/29/2017 @ 10:08 PM

Port Orange

We are really excited for the new spring floor! How awesome that PCA keeps getting better and better! Thank you Penny!

We are excited too! Can't wait for the girls to start practicing on it!

Cheer mom 05/29/2017 @ 7:08 AM

Port orange

I have a 11 year old daughter who wants to get started but I want to put her in tumbling classes in June july and august, but I don't know the prices.

We are running a Summer special - June, July and August ALL for just $99! That is for unlimited classes. Class times are Tuesday 5:30 - 6:30 and Thursday 6:30 - 7:30. Hope to see you there!

PCA PROUD! 05/23/2017 @ 5:08 AM

This year is going to be incredible! So awesome to see all the new coaches and all the amazing energy in the gym. Thank you Penny and the PCA STAFF for all that you do!

We are really excited for another great year! Thank you for being a part of it!

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